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by Luke

The MCAT is the ultimate self-improvement course. You’re objectively improving yourself and adding qualifications. You’re working towards becoming someone better able to help yourself, your family, your friends, and anyone else you want. You’re aiming for something so recognizably great it changes how everyone refers to you. Even banks start calling you “Dr”, and they only see human beings as numbers. But that’s all in the future. Luckily you’ll enjoy more improvements much earlier than that!

The MCAT can be the most spectacular self-help system ever invented. Because it actually works. Most self-help books fail because they claim to conjure improvements in your life through sheer imagination and attitude. Instead of, you know, hard work and definite goals. People doing the MCAT don’t have that problem! People doing the MCAT have already committed to that and much more, already working towards a clearly visualized future far more effective than vague feelings of “self-actualized energy harmonobalancism”.

(No, that’s not a thing. But still smarter than several real self-help books.)

You’re doing the MCAT anyway. Which is great! And you’ll get even more out of that awesome effort if you realize that it can be an entire self-improvement program. The key is realizing that your preparation for the MCAT applies to much more than that mere test. It’s not just a list of chores and homework for one examination. It’s training in scheduling, sustained focus, prioritization, switching mental tracks, and committing to continuing to learn and improve even when you might want to stop.

Better living through the Medical College Admissions Test!

Those aren’t just exam tips, those are fully functional life skills. Some of the best life skills! Learning is good, but learning how to keep learning is amazing. And you know you’ll keep this effort up. Many other self-improvement courses rely on internal motivation to keep going, but most people wouldn’t need the course if they already had that. The MCAT offers far more effective motivation: a great big exam deadline you’ve already signed up for. That’s an extremely real driving force. And one which will work even better when you view it as positive instead of negative!

The MCAT doesn’t just admit you to the next stage of your education. It can shape and upgrade you into someone much better at achieving that next stage education. And everything else in your life as well! You’re improving your mark AND yourself, letting you take far more satisfaction in every hour of work.

So start enjoying that MCATTITUDE!


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