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Comprehensive approach

Prep101 takes a more comprehensive approach. We teach you all the science on the MCAT. We also help you master the MCAT’s challenging passage-based format. And we hone your critical thinking and reasoning skills. When you nail these three areas - knowledge, skills, strategies - you’ll get that higher score.

We offer 138 hours of live instruction – more than any other company. That includes 44 Lessons covering the basic science. But we also devote much more time to guided practice than other MCAT prep companies. Our 32 In-Class Exams and 28 Workshops will help you master the skills and strategies you’ll need for the MCAT’s passage-based questions.

All of this adds up to a prep course that offers more of everything you need to get a top score.

Focus on

More instruction time on CARS than our leading competitors combined.

Focus on CARS

One thing that sets us apart from any other prep company is our intensive focus on the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section. This section is the one that gives students the most trouble – and carries a lot of weight with most medical schools. That’s why we devote more class hours to CARS than our leading competitors combined.

Our expert prep instructors will train you how to map and analyze passages, dissect question stems, and attack answer choices with confidence over 32 hours of class time that includes 4 Lessons, 4 In-Class Exams, and 12 Workshops.


Expert instructors walk you through 6-8 passages in every class.

Guided practice

Our 32 in-class exams cover only the topics you learned in the preceding lesson. Using what you've learned directly after you've learned it is the best way to ensure that your newfound knowledge really sticks.

Our passage-based in-class exams are an excellent way to apply that knowledge, and we're the only company that provides them. After completing each one, the instructor walks you through it and shows you how to map and analyze the passages, dissect the question stems, and attack the answer choices.


Over 800 passages to help you excel at the format and content.

Online practice

Our prep course includes 15.5 full-length computerized Practice Tests. By practicing with these exact simulations, Prep101 students will become accustomed to the timing, computer interface, interdisciplinary approach, and topics covered on the test. Students taking our prep course will be quite comfortable and confident when they sit down in front of the computer to take their own MCAT.

Our prep course also includes 23 After-Class Practice Sets with 5-10 passages to practice what you learned in class. They’re online, with the exact same interface as the MCAT. And then there's the six AAMC Question Packs and customizable Section Bank that are vital components of an effective MCAT study strategy. Produced by the AAMC, these 155 passages and 1,020 questions are the gold standard of MCAT prep resources.

We're different by design.
Princeton Review
Hours of live instruction
Hours of live CARS Instruction (Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills)
Flexible Schedule* (choice of weekday, weeknight or weekend classes)
Unlimited Free Repeat Policy
In-Class Exams
Princeton Review
Hired by students at competitive auditions
Specialists teach each subject
Credentials and evaluations on website
  • *Each live online class offered on a weekday, weeknight and weekend, and you can choose to participate in any or all classes, depending on your schedule week to week.
  • **Prices are for the Live-online course
Princeton Review
Princeton Review
Students first in every way.

The prep course that meets every student’s needs.

instruction time

Students learn best with an expert instructor and that's why we offer the most hours of instruction.

More instruction time

One thing that really sets us apart from other prep companies is our 138 hours of live instruction.

Attending three classes every week keeps you on schedule, and self-discipline comes more readily when you know you’ve got readings to do before you come to class. There’s also that camaraderie that comes from working on a shared problem with your fellow students. Simply put, we believe students learn best under the guidance of expert instructors, which is why we offer more hours of live instruction than anyone else.


Each class offered three times weekly to give you more options to choose from.

Flexible Schedule


Prep101 understands that university summer break is like a jigsaw puzzle. With med school admission being so competitive, getting ready for the MCAT is your top priority. After that, you do your best to arrange the other pieces — a summer job, time with family, and some hard-earned fun — around your academic goals. Putting the puzzle together isn’t easy, and that’s where Prep101 comes in. Our MCAT courses make your life easier, not harder, by letting you customize your weekly prep schedule. In fact, we’re the only MCAT prep company that offers classes on weekdays, weeknights and weekends. There’s no need to tell us which ones you’re attending — if it works for you, it works for us. All you have to do is show up!

Our students always tell us how much our unique flexible schedule helped them make the most of summer AND MCAT prep. Think you can’t have it all? Think again!

Unlimited free
repeat policy

Take our course as often as you need to get ready. No strings attached.

Unlimited free repeat policy

One of the goals of Prep101 is to give you the confidence to do as well as you possibly can on the MCAT. After taking our prep course, if you feel you still aren’t fully prepared for this challenging test, then we encourage you to repeat the course again at no further charge – no questions asked.

Unlike other companies, there are no restrictions or qualifications – you can repeat at any time. This is a big reason why students come to us, as it gives them far more flexibility with their schedule than any of our competitors.

Instructors chosen by students

Our instructors are hired at competitive auditions by pre-med students.

Instructors chosen by students

We know our instructors are the best, because our students choose them. We put prospective instructors through a competitive audition by having them teach a mock prep class to a room full of our former MCAT students. This really puts their teaching skills to the test. We can’t think of anyone better qualified than students to spot the best teachers so we let your peers decide who we hire.

No other prep company goes to these lengths to find the best instructors.

Real students. Real stories.

Since 1999, we’ve helped more than 500,000 students earn higher marks and test scores. To hear about real-life Prep101 experiences, watch the stories below.

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Biol 241, Biol 311, Chem 351
Instructor since 2010
10 prep sessions
427 students helped
2013–presentPrep Instructor, Mechanics 
2013–presentPrep Instructor, Statics
2012–presentTutor, Statics, Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials
2012–13TA, Engineering Mechanics II
2012–13TA, Mechanics of Solids 
2011-13TA Mechanics of Materials 
2011TA, Engineering Economics
2010TA, Engineering Design & Communication 
2012–presentPh.D. [Mechanical Engineering]
2012M.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering]
2009B.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering]
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PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
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satisfied 68%
not satisfied 1%