Based on the advice of public health officials and our own concerns about the well-being of students and instructors, we’ve decided to move everything to the safety of online course delivery.

It was a difficult decision but we believe it is the responsible thing to do amid a resurgent pandemic with proliferating variants of concern.

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"I loved the in-class practice tests in every subject to get you used to the unique testing style of the MCAT." – Livia A. from Halifax
The values we live by.

The things we do for our students - big and small - are rooted in our three uncompromising core values.

Focus on students

We never forget that our sole purpose is to help students succeed.

Deliver expertise

We provide our students with the best tools, resources and instructors.

Commit to quality

We never cut corners, because we know how much is at stake for our students.

"Prep101 was the only company that offered so many in-class practice problems giving me the confidence I needed." – Jenny Z. from McGill
The Prep101 advantage.

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Prep101. Here are four that we think are especially important.


Learn from a team of instructors, each a specialist in the subject they teach.

Comprehensive approach

Master the knowledge, skills, and strategies to maximize your scores.

live instruction time

138 hours of live instruction time spread over 10 weeks to give you ample time to digest everything.


Each class offered multiple times weekly to give you more choice.


Biol 241, Biol 311, Chem 351
Instructor since 2010
10 prep sessions
427 students helped
2013–presentPrep Instructor, Mechanics 
2013–presentPrep Instructor, Statics
2012–presentTutor, Statics, Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials
2012–13TA, Engineering Mechanics II
2012–13TA, Mechanics of Solids 
2011-13TA Mechanics of Materials 
2011TA, Engineering Economics
2010TA, Engineering Design & Communication 
2012–presentPh.D. [Mechanical Engineering]
2012M.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering]
2009B.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering]
Student evaluations
( 1=Very Poor, 2=Poor, 3=Adequate, 4=Good, 5=Very Good, 6=Excellent )
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
Presentation(presents material in a coherent manner)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
Student satisfaction
very satisfied 31%
satisfied 68%
not satisfied 1%