Prep101 delivers more than any other MCAT prep course. Extra instruction time, top-rated instructors, flexible schedule, strong emphasis on problem-solving: nobody offers a more comprehensive course. We keep you focused every step of the way. And our unlimited free repeat policy lets you take our course as often as you need to prepare for the toughest test you’ll ever write.

We’ve helped over 500,000 students improve their marks since 1999. We can help you too.

Unique Course Features:

Our focus on Prep

The MCAT tests your skills in critical thinking and your ability to apply concepts. That’s why Prep101 is so focussed on problem-solving.

Unlike other MCAT courses, we don’t spend a lot of time reviewing introductory science. After all, you’re taking a prep course to learn how to write the MCAT.

It’s the MCAT’s unique passage-based format that trips up most students – even those with stellar GPAs. That’s why we devote 94 hours of classroom time working through passage-based questions. Once you’ve completed our prep course, you will have written the equivalent of 34 full-length MCATs – including seven in-class under the guidance of our expert instructors. That’s how you master the MCAT.

144 hours of classroom instruction

No other prep company in Canada offers more hours of classroom instruction.

We spread our MCAT prep course over ten weeks to give you enough time to absorb everything. And there’s lots to learn. We offer 144 hours of classroom time with our expert instructors to keep you on-track and energized.

Watching online lectures all by yourself just doesn’t cut it. You miss out on the classroom give-and-take – and the boost to your self-discipline that comes from having to prepare for class beforehand. We believe students learn best in class, which is why we offer the most classroom hours.

Classroom hours
Classroom hours of instruction
Classroom hours on CARS section
Classroom hours on Behavioral Sciences section

Expert instructors hired at auditions

Instructors make all the difference. We make sure that ours are the best in the business.

Our instructors don’t just know the MCAT better than anyone else. They know how to teach too. And to make sure, we ask each one to pass an audition in front of a student audience. We don’t let anyone teach our course unless they get top marks in the audition.

We know our instructors are the best because students just like you have told us so.

Meet our Instructors

Flexible Schedule

We make our course flexible enough to fit your schedule, not ours.

Prep101 offers weeknight and weekend classes. Take either one – or take them both. No need to tell us in advance – just show up! And if you can’t make either of them? No problem. We post them all online*, so you can catch up whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Your own customized MCAT Prep Course
Each class is offered twice**. Once on a weekday, and once on a weekend.
You can go to either, or both!

*Online Lectures do not include In-Class Examinations. **Workshops not included in Flexible Schedule but included in Online Lectures.

Unlimited Free Repeat Policy*

Take our course as often as you need to get ready. No strings attached.

We want you to go into the MCAT fully prepared, with the confidence to do your absolute best. And if you think you could have done better and want to rewrite the MCAT, you can re-take our course any time and as often as you want. No questions asked. No restrictions.

No other company offers this. It’s another reason why students keep coming to us.

*New course materials and expired practice tests not included.

Repeat Policy
Unlimited Free Repeat Policy

36 In-Class Exams

Our 36 passage-based in-class exams reinforce everything you just learned.

Testing the topics right after a lesson helps to ensure your new-found knowledge really sticks. The instructor walks you through each practice exam after you write it to make sure you know how to analyze the passages, dissect the question stems, and work the answer choices.

No other company can offer this. Many years of experience have gone into designing these exams, and we know they work.

28 Workshops

To get a competitive MCAT score, you need the qualities of a skilled physician: strategy, timing, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking.

Our instructors drill those into each student in every lesson. But you also need to know how to write the test. Prep101’s 28 two-hour workshops teach high-yield techniques such as time management, passage mapping, and multiple-choice elimination and prediction strategies.

We also devote 12 two-hour workshops to Critical Analysis and Reading Skills (CARS). It’s the one section that gives students the most trouble, yet most med schools give it the most weight when assessing applicant scores.

Prep101 workshops are now available online. If your schedule forces you to miss a workshop, you can make it up later. We’re doing everything we can to help you get the best possible score.

(2 hours)


Bio/ Biochem


Psyc/ Soc


Chem/ OChem






More Course Features:


Everything you need to succeed on the MCAT is here.

Other prep companies deliver most of their course online. Not us. There’s no substitute for spending time in a classroom with a living, breathing instructor. That’s why we offer 144 hours of classroom instruction.

The MCAT’s Critical Analysis and Reading (CARS) section always gives students the most trouble. Yet it’s the one that carries the most weight with medical schools. That’s why Prep101 devotes far more classroom hours to CARS than anyone else. We spend more time on the other three test sections too!

We also spend way more classroom time on problem-solving. Our instructors are with you every step of the way through 36 in-class exams and 28 workshops to prepare you for the MCAT’s uniquely challenging passage-based format.

Classroom Hours Lessons (1-2 hours) In-Class Exams (1 hour) Workshops (2 hours)
Bio / Biochem 36 14 10 4
CARS 32 4 4 12
Psyc / Soc 20 8 8 4
Chem / OChem 36 8 7 4
Physics 20 8 7 4
Total 144 42 36 28


More in-class testing and passage-based practice.

We break down the MCAT into 42 lessons that our study guides covers in individual chapters. Before class, students read each chapter and work through 24 practice questions.

In class, the first half is devoted to a lecture, in which the instructor covers the chapter’s key concepts and works through drills and critical-thinking exercises in our Classroom Companion.

Following that is a 30-minute passage-based in-class exam covering only topics in the lesson which the instructor reviews with students after they’ve written it. After many years of delivering prep courses, we’ve learned that this format keeps you energized and focused as you master the problem-solving skills you need to efficiently answer passage-based questions.

Before Class

  • Read Study Guide chapter
  • Complete 24 practice questions

In Class

  • 1 hour of Classroom Companion drills and critical thinking exercises
  • 30 minute in-class exam
  • 30 minute review of in-class exam

After Class

  • Reread Study Guide chapter
  • Complete after-class practice sets

42 Lessons

Our 42 lessons deliver everything you need to excel on the MCAT.

It’s deliberately designed to be the most gruelling test you’ll ever write. The best way to prepare for it is to devote as much classroom time as possible, which is why we spend more time in class with students than any other company.

(1-2 hours)


Bio/ Biochem


Psyc/ Soc


Chem/ OChem






12 computerized Practice Tests

We want to make sure you know what to expect going into the exam.

Our MCAT prep course includes twelve full-length computerized practice tests – including both official AAMC practice tests – that completely replicate the MCAT. These tests accustom you to the MCAT’s timing, computer interface, interdisciplinary approach, and topics. Once you’ve taken our MCAT prep course, you’ll have the confidence to take on the real thing.


Our MCAT Prep Course runs:
May 22 to July 29, 2018

The best value of all MCAT prep courses
(Includes all course materials)

“I took the course because it kept me focused on what was important”

- Rachel D.