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Ada Lo

Ada Lo holds a B.Sc. in pharmacy, and scored 38 on the MCAT. She is now studying at UBC medical school. During her three years of undergraduate studies. Ada received numerous dean and faculty scholarships for academic excellence. She loves teaching and has a deep interest in medical education. In the classroom, Ada promotes an interactive environment and actively encourages student participation. She has a knack for simplifying difficult concepts using analogies and real-world examples.


2015-present, M.D.
2012-present, B.Sc., [Pharmacy]

Teaching Experience

2013-14, instructor, peer-led student workshops
2013-14, teacher, drug safety workshops
2013, MCAT Tutor
2010, English Teacher

Austyn Roseborough

(Bio/Biochem, Physics)

Austyn Roseborough completed her HBSc. in Developmental Biology, and scored a 520 on the MCAT. She is currently a Master’s student at Western University, studying Clinical Anatomy.  As a TA for undergraduate histology, Austyn loves to share her biology expertise and works hard to provide her students with a constructive learning environment. She enjoys utilising active learning techniques to reinforce material and create an interactive classroom setting.


2016-Present, M.Sc. [Clinical Anatomy]
2015, HBSc. [Developmental Biology]

Teaching Experience

2016-Present, TA, Undergraduate Histology
2009-2012, CSIA Ski Instructor

Jamie Ward

(Phys/Soc, Bio/Biochem)

Jamie Ward attended the University of Victoria as an undergraduate, where he completed degrees in Psychology and Biology. In 2015, he was accepted into the M.D. program at the University of Alberta, where he recently completed his first year of studies. Jamie has a great deal of experience with both the MCAT and the medical school admissions process, and he is really enthusiastic to help guide Prep101 students through this challenging journey. His teaching style is structured but also aims to create an open and energetic atmosphere to help you fully prepare for the MCAT.


2015-present, M.D
2015, B.Sc. [Biology with distinction]
2013, B.Sc. [Psychology]

Teaching Experience

2012-15, Instructor training, Canadian Forces

Matthew Ward

(Cars, Chem/OChem, Bio/Biochem, Physics)

Matthew Ward graduated from UVic with a B.Sc. in Biology and an M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Comparative Genetics. He is currently studying medicine at the University of Calgary. Matt is a superstar prep instructor who has been teaching MCAT prep courses since 2005. Matt is a very hands-on instructor and he encourages participation and critical thought from his students. Matthew is also extremely approachable and more than happy to assist after class in any way he can.


2005, B.Sc. (with distinction) [Biology]
2008, M.Sc. [Molecular Biology]
2010, D.P.S.M.
2011-present, M.D.

Teaching Experience

2007-present, prep instructor, Chemistry
2007-present, prep instructor, Organic Chemistry
2007-present, prep instructor, Physics
2005-present, prep instructor, MCAT (all subjects)
2005-8, TA, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology
2005-present, Tutor, Chemistry and Physics

Morteza Razav

(Chem/OChem, Physics)

Morteza Razav has a Ph.D. in Medical Research. He is currently the Director of R & D at SISCAPA Assay Technologies, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the field of diagnostics and personalized medicine through a proprietary immuno-mass spectrometric approach. He has 3 years of teaching experience as a Prep101 MCAT instructor. Morteza’s teaching style is to explain sophisticated topics – from biology to physics – in simple terms and also to engage students in an interactive teaching-and-learning environment.


2012, Ph.D. [Cancer Research]
2008, B.Sc. (Honours with Distinction) [Microbiology]

Teaching Experience

2010-present, MCAT Prep Instructor
2008-present, TA, Biochemistry
2008-present, TA, Microbiology

Radhika Jadavji

(Phys/Soc, Chem/OChem, Bio/Biochem, Physics)

Radhika Jadavji has completed a M.Sc. in Cancer Biology and a H.B.Sc. in Life Science. Radhika has been prepping students for the MCAT since 2011 and teaching and tutoring students since 2007. She is also our Assistant Director of MCAT Prep and thoroughly enjoys being able to teach alongside her full-time course development and management duties at Prep101 Head Office.


2014, M.Sc [Cancer Biology]
2012, H.B.Sc. [Life Science]

Teaching Experience

2015-present, MCAT prep instructor, Biochemistry, Psychology, Sociology
2011-present, MCAT prep instructor, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics
2007-9, Tutor, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math

Riley Chen-Mack

(Cars, Bio/Biochem)

Riley Chen-Mack has completed an undergraduate degree in Life Sciences at Queen’s University. In 2015, he was accepted into the Island Medical Program at the University of Victoria. Riley enrolled in Prep101 to prepare for the MCAT, and he now enjoys helping others go through this process. Riley scored 14 out of 15 in the Biological Sciences section, and 11 out of 15 in the Verbal Reasoning (now CARS) section. He also received the highest mark possible both AP English exams (Language and Composition, Literature and Composition) in 2009 and 2010.


2014, B.Sc. [Life Sciences]
2015-present, M.D.

Teaching Experience

2010-15, Instructor/Tutor, English and Music


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