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Amelie Tessier


Amelie Tessier is a recent graduate from McGill University where she obtained a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in chemistry. After being a TA for two years, Amelie discovered she wanted to become a chemistry teacher. She has taught general chemistry and organic chemistry courses at the cegep level since 2015 and she also has two years experience as a TA. Amelie is a very dynamic teacher who will keep you engaged and on track as you prep for the MCAT.


2016, Graduate Teaching Certificate
2015, M.Sc. [Chemistry]
2012, B.Sc. [Chemistry]

Teaching Experience

2015-16, Chemistry Teacher
2015, Tutor, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
2013-14, TA, Organic Chemistry
2012-13, TA, General Chemistry

Amina Allalou


Amina Allalou has completed a B.Sc. in Human Biology and a M.Sc. in Medical Sciences, programs which deepened her understanding of biology. She is now working on a M.D. at McGill University. Amina has extensive teaching experience in peer tutoring, study group facilitator and teaching assistant. Amina emphasizes developing the critical thinking skills that are primordial for the life of a clinician. She is passionate about teaching and facilitating, and she is always receptive to feedback.


2015-present, M.D.
2015, M.Sc. [Medical Sciences]
2012, B.Sc. [Biological Sciences]

Teaching Experience

2011-12, TA, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
2009-10, Study group facilitator, Chemistry

Kevin Guo

Kevin Guo completed a BSc. in Physiology in 2016, scoring a 522 on the MCAT. He is currently working on a masters in the same discipline at McGill University. He has had extensive teaching experience ranging from human anatomy to English as a second language. Kevin emphasizes the importance of practical problem solving in all of his lessons to better prepare you for test day.


2016-present, MSc .Physiology
2016, BSc. Physiology

Teaching Experience

2016-present ,Molecular laboratory techniques instructor
2014-2016, Systemic human anatomy teaching assistant
2013-2016, Biblical studies leader
2010-2012, Biology tutor
2008-2012, English as a second language tutor

Victor Dimutru


Victor Dumitru graduated summa cum laude with a B.Sc. in Biology and a B.Sc. in Chemistry and he scored 519 on the MCAT. Victor is currently working on an M.Sc. in Physiology. He has previous teaching experiences as a group tutor and TA. Victor believes that the best way to learn is to be actively engaged and he encourages questions and open discussion in the classroom. He believes that anyone can improve their standardized test scores through effort.


2016-present, M.Sc. [Physiology]
2014, B.Sc. [Chemistry]
2014, B.Sc. [Biology]

Teaching Experience

2012-14, Chemistry group tutoring
2012, Anatomy and Physiology Lab TA


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