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Ashley Olson

(Cars, Phys/Soc, Bio/Biochem)

Ashley Olson graduated with a B.Sc. (Honours) in Psychology from the University of Manitoba, and scored a 512 on the MCAT. She is currently studying medicine. Ashley appeared on the Dean’s Honours List every year and was awarded the Canadian Psychological Association Award of Excellence for her undergraduate thesis. Ashley has extensive teaching experience as a private tutor, a TA, and as a guest lecturer. Her engaging style of teaching helps students simplify challenging concepts into coherent ideas. Ashley encourages a relaxed and interactive environment where students can maximize their learning and master the material.


2016 - present, MD [Medicine]
2016, BSc [Psychology]

Teaching Experience

2015 - present, Lecturer, Neuroscience
2012 - 2016, Tutor, Biology
2011 - 2016, TA, Biology, Psychology
2010 - 2016, Basketball Coach

Emma Nicholls-Allison


Emma Nicholls-Allison has completed a B.Sc. in Chemistry. She is now working on a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Victoria. Emma is an enthusiastic instructor whose talents in the classroom have been recognized with teaching awards from the Department of Chemistry. She has experience instructing students from high school level to upper year undergraduate. Emma brings enthusiasm and humour to the classroom, and she is adept at breaking down and simplifying complex topics to encourage greater learning and retention.


2010-present, Ph.D. [Chemistry]
2010, B.Sc. [Chemistry]

Teaching Experience

2010-present, lab instructor, Spectroscopy and Inorganic Chemistry
2010-present, tutor, Chemistry and Math
2013, lecturer, Inorganic Chemistry

Kate Kennedy


Kate Kennedy holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Biomedical Sciences and scored a 35M on the MCAT, including a 14 in Verbal Reasoning and an 11 in Biological Sciences. She is currently a studying for a Master’s degree in Microbiology at the University of Waterloo. Kate’s teaching experience includes five years as a certified Canadian Yachting Association sailing instructor. More recently, she has acted as a TA for upper year Biology courses in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Biotechnology. Kate’s teaching style encourages active participation to facilitate recall of core concepts.


2011-present, M.Sc. [Microbiology]
2011, B.Sc. (Honours) [Biomedical Sciences]

Teaching Experience

2013, TA, Immunology
2012, TA, Molecular Biotechnology
2012, TA, Microbiology
2012, TA, Immunology
2007-11, CYA Sailing Instructor

Student Evaluations

Through understanding of class material
Presents material in a structured manner
Explains concepts clearly
Shows enthusiasm and interest in material
Answers questions thoroughly
MCAT Expertise
Knows how to excel on the MCAT

Michael Anderson


Michael Anderson completed a Bachelor of Sciences at Queen’s University and he scored 509 on the MCAT. He is passionate about teaching, and has tutored more than 200 hours of organic chemistry through ASUS Peer Tutoring at Queen’s. Last year he took the MCAT and scored 93rd percentile in the Chemistry/Physics section, and is familiar with the challenges and pitfalls that many students face with the subject. He will be beginning a Master’s of Science in Neuroscience next year at the University of Saskatchewan.


2017 - Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) [Life Sciences], Queen's University

Teaching Experience

2015-17, Tutor, Organic Chemistry
2017-present, Undergraduate Volunteer TA, Organic Chemistry

Mike Moore


Mike Moore graduated on the Dean’s List with a B.Sc. [Honours] in Nanoscience. He is in the home stretch of completing an M.Sc. in Industrial Surface Chemistry at the University of Guelph.  Mike’s teaching experience includes being a TA for General Chemistry I, where his commitment to students prompted his elevation to Assistant Laboratory Coordinator. He was nominated for the Associate Vice-President Academic Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence in both 2013 and 2014, and he has completed the Teaching Development Program. Mike strives to hone students’ intuitions, or fundamental understanding, so they can solve problems more efficiently and apply previous learning to new situations.  He also endeavors to establish a relaxed learning environment where students feel comfortable participating openly.


2012-present, M.Sc. [Chemistry]
2012 B.Sc. (Honours) [Nanoscience]

Teaching Experience

2012-present, Tutor, General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
2014, Exam Edge Prep Instructor, General Chemistry
2013-14, Guest/Substitute Lecturer, Analytical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry
2013-14, Coach, Juggling
2013-14, TA, Assistant Laboratory Coordinator for General Chemistry
2012-13, TA, General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
2010, Tutor, Philosophy
2007-8, Tutor, Math, Physics

Rachael Loeppky

(Cars, Phys/Soc)

Rachael Loeppky completed a B.A in Psychology at the Canadian Mennonite University, appearing on the Dean’s Honours List ever year, she also scored a 30 on the MCAT. She is currently studying medicine at the University of Manitoba. Rachael has years of experience of instructing Anatomy and Physiology labs, private tutoring, and speaking at conferences. She has an interactive teaching style and works hard to engage students and help them learn the subtle art of CARS.


2014-present, M.D. [Medicine]
2013, B.A. [Psychology]

Teaching Experience

2013, Guest Speaker, Wellness Conference
2011-2013, Lab Instructor, Anatomy and Physiology
2011-2013, Tutor, Biology, Psychology and other humanity-based courses

Radhika Jadavji

(Phys/Soc, Chem/OChem, Bio/Biochem, Physics)

Radhika Jadavji has completed a M.Sc. in Cancer Biology and a H.B.Sc. in Life Science. Radhika has been prepping students for the MCAT since 2011 and teaching and tutoring students since 2007. She is also our Assistant Director of MCAT Prep and thoroughly enjoys being able to teach alongside her full-time course development and management duties at Prep101 Head Office.


2014, M.Sc [Cancer Biology]
2012, H.B.Sc. [Life Science]

Teaching Experience

2015-present, MCAT prep instructor, Biochemistry, Psychology, Sociology
2011-present, MCAT prep instructor, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics
2007-9, Tutor, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math

Zach Weiss

(Chem/OChem, Bio/Biochem, Physics)

Zach Weiss is a fourth year Microbiology and Immunology student, studying at UBC, he scored a 515 on the MCAT. For the past four years, he’s been involved in instructing other students and peers in several capacities. Most notably, Zach’s been an instructor with a club at UBC called Students Offering Support, where he taught first year physics for three years. During his time in this position, He was consistently ranked as one of the top-rated instructors in the country. As an instructor, his teaching style is based on trying to effectively pass on knowledge through clear and concise problem-solving techniques. Zach excels at being able to take complex concepts and explain them in more relatable terms, as well as being able to pick out the most important information from any given topic, a crucial skill for the MCAT.


2013-Present, M.Sc [Microbiology]

Teaching Experience

2013-2017, Course Instructor, UBC SOS, First-year physics
2017-Present, Mathematics Consultant, StudyPug Vancouver
2013-Present, Private Tutoring, Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Physics, Math


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