One reason why ours is the most comprehensive MCAT prep course in Canada is the course materials: six study guides, six classroom companions, two workbooks, and twelve full-length, computerized practice tests.

This includes the Examkrackers Complete MCAT Study Package. It’s concise, clear, simple to use, and perfectly tailored to the MCAT.

6 Examkrackers Study Guides

A well-organized set of study guides is essential to your success.

You’re expected to master a huge volume of information – more than in any other class you’ve ever taken. Many students think they can cram it all into their heads. But brute force just won’t work.

If you want a winning strategy for the MCAT, you need to know what you need to know. Our study guides have everything you need without overwhelming you with superfluous material. They’re your go-to source to keep on top of everything you need to know.


6 Prep101 Classroom Companions

Our Classroom Companions augment each study guide and enhance the structure of each class.

Students learn best by doing. Our classrooms are highly structured study groups that prepare motivated, disciplined adults for a very tough exam. We challenge our students to participate in this dynamic environment, and we expect our instructors to keep them fully engaged throughout each two-hour lesson.

Prep101 Classroom Companions are an essential element in this active learning environment. They reinforce the material in the study guide, and they provide a framework for taking notes that help students focus on what the instructor is saying.

Our Classroom Companions include:

  1. Class exercises to be completed with the help of your instructor, an approach that fosters deep learning of the concepts in the Study Guides.
  2. Critical-thinking exercises to challenge students to quickly analyze new, complex material as they work through tricky questions on difficult MCAT concepts.
  3. Complete solutions to high-yield MCAT problems, with detailed problem-solving methods to help you solve recurrent question types.
  4. Stand-alone practice questions for each lesson that strengthen comprehension.

2 Workbooks

Improving your MCAT score comes down to hard work and practice, practice, practice - and even more practice. That’s why we provide you with two extra workbooks of passage-based practice materials – one for sciences, one for CARS - used in our 28 two-hour workshops.

12 Computerized Practice Tests

We want to make sure you know what to expect going into the exam.

Our MCAT prep course includes twelve full-length computerized practice tests – including both official AAMC practice tests – that completely replicate the MCAT. These tests accustom you to the MCAT’s timing, computer interface, interdisciplinary approach, and topics. Once you’ve taken our MCAT prep course, you’ll have the confidence to take on the real thing.

36 In-Class Exams

Our 36 passage-based in-class exams reinforce everything you just learned.

Testing the topics right after a lesson helps to ensure your new-found knowledge really sticks. The instructor walks you through each practice exam after you write it to make sure you know how to analyze the passages, dissect the question stems, and work the answer choices.

No other company can offer this. Many years of experience have gone into designing these exams, and we know they work.

In-Class Exams
(1-2 hours)
Bio/ Biochem
Psyc/ Soc
Chem/ OChem

Online Lectures

We make our course flexible enough to fit your schedule, not ours.

Prep101 offers weeknight and weekend lectures and workshops. Take either one – or take them both. No need to tell us in advance – just show up! And if you can’t make any of them? No problem. We post them all online, so you can catch up whenever it’s most convenient for you.

But that’s not all. You can view our Online Lectures* for one full year after the course ends. Need to review some concepts? Want to sharpen your skills and techniques? View any lecture any time, whenever you want. No charge.

*Note: Does not include In-Class Examinations.


Our MCAT Prep Course runs:
May 22 to July 29, 2018

The best value of all MCAT prep courses
(Includes all course materials)

“I took the course because it kept me focused on what was important”

- Rachel D.